Skintimate's Mindful Shower campaign, Xtreme's Shave the Day donation game, Hydro's #ShaveFromHome and Style Index campaigns.

Skintimate - Mindful Shower

During quarantine, showering may seem like a dreaded chore. But what if we could turn our shower into a moment of self-care and self celebration?

Enter The Mindful Shower

Partnering with client brand team and mindful meditation expert, we created three custom shower meditations designed to help cultivate good energy during a period of adaptation and change.

An integrated campaign across multiple cities + offices, across PR/earned media, Digital + Digital Creative, remote Production, and paid media agency and social media agency partners, the campaign received highlights in AdWeek, Shape, Build Like A Woman, cheddar, The Zoe Report, AOL, Hearst's Best Products, Daily Mail,, and more.

From pivoting from traditional campaign production and launch into strictly digital and remote in nature, we reallocated resources and timelines to secure the vision, and innovated methodologies to execute the plan across earned media outlets, microsite, YouTube, and paid social across Facebook and Instagram.

Other Schick related works included Xtreme's Shave the Day mobile gaming app for driving donations, Hydro's #ShaveFromHome and Style Index campaigns using AI and analytics technology.

Xtreme Shave the Day

Partnering with St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity that supports research into childhood cancers and helps survivors live long and healthy lives, we developed Shave the Day mobile game available on iOS and Android. In Shave The Day, players take the role of bald headed superhero XtremeMan who is tasked with the mission to ride his Xtreme razor along the road to shave heads and collect an in-game currency called Bald Bucks.  Players will need to shave heads and avoid the obstacles that stand in their path. At the end of the game, Schick Xtreme will convert the Bald Bucks collected into real money which will be donated to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to the maximum amount of $250,000. After this amount has been reached the game will encourage players to continue donating themselves.

A digital campaign with earned media, including teaming up with influencers on Twitch, gaming streamers quickly raised their donation goals within a day and shaved their heads live to bring awareness to childhood cancers. The campaign received highlights from AdWeek, Aol, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Life,

Other projects: 

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