Samsung The Current

Samsung The Current

Our clients challenged my team to find a way to visualize the on-going content created by agencies to help spark ideas and insights in one of their conference rooms at their HQ in NYC.

We built The Current to help with that, The Current is an interactive kiosk that transforms any room or space into a dynamic location that celebrates, inspire, and connect internal team members by featuring always-on curated digital works that's published.

The kiosk displays streams of content cascading from top to bottom, interactive gestures allows for zoom-in and zoom-out of items, these items react to one another across streams when moved from stream to stream. By moving digital works to either side of the kiosk allows users to bank the content for focus-view mode, organize content however your inspiration strikes, pen mode also allows for creative connections on screen. A filter system based on a taxonomy structure allows for analysis view of digital works.

By gathering creative works from our integrated agency teams, I oversaw the project concept, design, UX/UI, fabrication, taxonomy development, and IT Network integration.